A Spanish Immersion Program Review – Traveling Mexico with Spanish and Go

Last week I enjoyed seven days in Guanajuato with Spanish and Go. Spanish and Go are an organization shown to my companions.

Jim and May, and their objective is to assist individuals with learning Spanish and we were in Guanajuato on a Spanish Drenching System.

This post is a finished separate of all that I encountered:

paving the way to the program, during my time in Guanajuato, and my last considerations on the experience.
If you have any desire to learn Spanish in Mexico,

to be on a Spanish drenching program in Mexico, spanish language school puebla or on the other hand if need to join both visiting this lovely country with learning a few Spanish expressions, then read on.

Learning Spanish?

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Who are Spanish and Go?

Spanish and Go is an organization run by Jim (an American) and May (a Mexican). They are maybe generally notable for their fabulous YouTube channel where they help individuals (like me!) learn Spanish that you can really utilize.

I’ve been following their channel for some:

time now and I even got together with them in Puerto Rico recently, so I was sure that their retreat would have been an extraordinary encounter.

May is an ensured Spanish and English instructor and has been educating since she was 18. She’s the principal instructor for the retreat and Jim is dependably around to assist with inquiries concerning Spanish, however Mexico.

Jim knows that it is so difficult to learn:

Spanish since he’s done it without anyone else’s help, so he is an important asset to have close by May.
What is a Spanish and Go Spanish Drenching System?

Spanish and Go submersion withdraws are weeklong:

excursions in various urban communities around Mexico that plan to submerge you in both language and culture completely.

The drenching withdraws never have in excess of 10 visitors:

There are normally two Mexican educators (Should as a neighborhood instructor who changes relying upon the area of the retreat).

Having two educators implies that they can part the gathering:

This unbelievable experience will permit you to investigate quite possibly of the most gorgeous and enchanting city in Latin America in a way most never will.

Not exclusively will you learn Spanish, however you’ll likewise find out about the historical backdrop of the spots we visit, taste the food, talk with local people, make companions, and work on your certainty.

Every day you’ll get circumstance centered examples:

and apply what you’re realizing during the outing. With May and Jim’s assistance, you’ll get continuous criticism and consolation all through the retreat.

That is precisely exact thing my experience was:

We found out about the historical backdrop of Guanajuato, we ate astonishing food, and we communicated in Spanish however much we needed.

remaining in the underground street in Guanajuato Mexico:

On our food visit realizing about the historical backdrop of Guanajuato, which was for the most part in Spanish (and presenting in a street that used to be a waterway!)

For what reason did I choose to Go on this Spanish Submersion Program?

I’ve been really buckling down on my Spanish learning throughout the previous a half year or somewhere in the vicinity. I did a two-month course over the mid year, I’ve been taking day to day examples with a guide online for essentially 60 minutes.

This retreat was one more way for me to drive myself further along on this Spanish excursion:

The classes I’ve been all assuming control throughout recent months have been on the web. I was battling to change from feeling sure behind my PC screen to feeling certain out in reality here in Mexico.

I realized that this retreat would assist me with moving beyond that boundary while likewise:

proceeding to show me significant Spanish expressions and jargon that I could begin utilizing immediately in my regular daily existence here in Mexico. I needed to be pushed out of my usual range of familiarity each and every day for something other than an hour daily.

partaking in the daylight in guanajuato mexico:

Taking a verifiable visit in the midtown region with Jim and May and presenting before lovely structures
My Level Before the Retreat.

Before the retreat, I could string a basic discussion together:

As I said above, I’ve been concentrating on firmly no less than 5-10 hours every week throughout the previous four months, so I was gaining great headway. Be that as it may, I actually did (and do) have such a long way to go.

My most serious issue was that I would freeze up when I was addressing somebody eye to eye. I was battling to zero in on what individuals were talking about when it was anything but a web-based educator posing me straightforward inquiries.

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